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We regularly update our IT blog with timely information about cybersecurity topics and other breaking news in the world of managed IT services. Read on to get the latest tech news. Then, book a call with us to discover our affordable IT services for your East Tennessee, Southwestern VA, or Panama City Beach, FL business!

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Secure Schooling From Home

    In this article, Sophos describes the value of teaching your kids proper IT Hygiene from the start. Additionally, they also go over some basic home security precautions you should be taking when setting your kids up for online…

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New Bug On the Block

There’s a new bug on the block. This was first reported to Microsoft last summer, but they have yet to patch it, and now it’s been published for all the bad guys to see. This is a major vulnerability. Simply…

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National Technology Day

It’s National Technology Day!!!  And the question we’re asking today is……  if you lived 100 years ago, which piece of modern technology would you miss the most?  100 years ago puts us in 1921.  It’s January. Would you miss your…

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Kids, Geeks, & Books!

Wait—What? Why is an IT Company Posting a Booklist for Kids? We’re so glad you asked. Day after day, our team of geeks slays dragons to protect and defend our clients.  We love that fight, and we’re passionate about it.…

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Confessions of Cybercriminals

Cybercriminals Confess: The Top 3 Tricks And Sneaky Schemes They Use To Hack Your Computer Network That Can Put You Out Of Business Cybercriminals and hackers are rarely shy about the methods they use to attack their victims. Many of…

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Holston & Garner IT Christmas Gift Guide 2020

Our Team of Geeks has spoken: here are some great techy gifts for your shopping list this year!Bluetooth Speakers Built into a Hat Music Bee Bluetooth Beanie $24.99 Does someone on your list need an easy comfy way to enjoy…

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Why Your Business Is The PERFECT Target For Hackers

Everybody gets hacked, but not everything makes the evening news. We hear about big companies like Target, Home Depot, Capital One, and Facebook getting hacked. What we rarely hear about are the little guys – the small businesses that make…

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